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One of the coolest things about the old days of the internet is that you'd frequently run across websites written by a random hobbyist (or a credentialed expert nerding out), which were often more detailed and useful than any other reference material you could have found in a school or library. There would be all kinds of thorough and well-researched articles for even the most obscure topics and niche hobbies.

Today, websites like Wikipedia have a tremendous quantity of stuff, but few articles have the quality and depth of the '90s webmaster who poured their soul into their work. (As an exercise, if you have a college degree, go to a Wikipedia article for a topic you're familiar with and see how many of the references are shoddy or don't even mention the idea they are supposed to support! It will be more than you expect.)

So many other web pages today are just lazy "listicles." Let's try to add some substance back to the web.

These Topics pages are my attempt to compile the random knowledge I've gained over my time using the internet.

This section may be under construction for a while. Check back soon to see if any new pages are added!

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