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Shelf cloud over a lake with a jetski in the foreground.

Shelf cloud over Lake Erie, USA. Cleveland, Ohio, USA. Kyle Lanzer (August 11, 2016).

Video of a supercell thunderstorm spinning.

Low precipitation supercell. Near Sudan and Littlefield, Texas, USA. Pecos Hank on Youtube (May 16, 2021). [Link to higher resolution .mp4 of the supercell].

Woman in red shirt posing in front of a tornado.

Audra Thomas standing in front of a tornado. Beaver City, Nebraska, USA. Marilee Thomas (April 23, 1989).

Large thunderstorm with red colored rocks in foreground.

Hector the thunderstorm, which forms almost daily in the same spot. Tiwi Islands, Australia; photographed from Gunn Point, Australia. Djambalawa (December 29, 2021).

Three narrow rolling bands of clouds viewed from the air.

Morning Glory cloud formation. Near Burketown, Queensland, Australia. Mick Petroff (August 11, 2009).

Lightning over a lake at night.

Catatumbo Lightning, a phenomenon which occurs above the same lake over 140 nights per year. Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela. Thechemicalengineer (August 19, 2008).

Mountain with saucer-shaped lenticular cloud over the peak.

Lenticular cloud. Mayon Volcano, Bicol Region, Philippines. Patryk Reba (April 23, 2019).

Wave-shaped fluctus clouds.

Atmospheric Kelvin–Helmholtz instability resulting in a fluctus cloud above Taos, New Mexico, USA. Nan Fischer (July 7, 2013).

Satellite image of clouds over the ocean forming vortices due to passing over islands.

Von Kármán vortex street created by air currents flowing over the Canary Islands, Spain. NASA's Terra satellite (May 20, 2015).

Sign that says Despacio: Zona de Neblina. Cartoon of a woman wearing a hat in the background.

Signo de Zona de Neblina. Department of Lima, Peru. (-11.624, -77.207). Google Street View (2015).

Golden Gate Bridge partially covered in fog with red clouds.

Fog over the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California, USA. Dave Gordon (c. 2014).

Golden Gate Bridge in the distance covered by fog.

Fog over the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California, USA. Dave Gordon (c. 2014).

Golden Gate Bridge completely surrounded by fog with lights on the bridge.

Golden Gate Bridge in fog. San Francisco, California, USA. SF Lights (reallybadradio on Flickr) (July 5, 2011).

Fairy-tale-looking castle on a hill surrounded by fog.

Hohenzollern Castle rising above the fog. Zeller Horn mountain, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Robin Holler (January 2008).

Fog on top of a plateau falling into a valley.

Fog falling into Wadi Raman, Palestine. ZeevStein (August 17, 2018).

Monkey in the distance sitting on top of a prominent rock surrounded by clouds.

"Monkey Gazing At The Sea of cloud." Huangshan mountain range, Anhui province, China. Mätes II (September 5, 2008).

Clouds weaving through tall, pointed mountains.

"Waterfall cloud" at Shixin Peak, Huangshan mountain range, Anhui province, China. 颐园新居 (November 9, 2014).

Tall thin mountains with trees and clouds.

Huangshan mountain range, Anhui province, China. Ferenczi_Dragoon on Reddit (c. July 6, 2019).

Tall thin mountains surrounded by clouds.

Tianzi Mountain. Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Hunan province, China. Photographer unknown (September 2, 2014, according to Exif data).

Rice terraces in a sea of fog.

Samaba Rice Terraces, above the Red River, Yunnan province, China. Photographer unknown (date unknown).

Mount Roraima, wedge-shaped mountain plateau surrounded by clouds.

Mount Roraima. Border of Venezuela, Brazil, and Guyana. Photo uploaded by Renato Stecca on the blog Chi viaggia impara: Immagini dal mondo (2015), although it is probably not his original photo.

Small building on top of a tall, thin rock with large clouds in the background.

Hermitage of a monastery on the Katskhi pillar in Chiatura, Imereti region, Georgia. Thomas Heinze (June 17, 2014).

Part of a monastery roof with large cloud in the background.

Po Lin Monastery. Lantau Island, Hong Kong, China. mbell1975 on Flickr (April 27, 2018).

Light rain falling into a grassy valley.

Rain over Beinn Eich, Luss Hills, Argyll, Scotland. Michal Klajban (September 22, 2018).

Fat gentleman sitting in a small pool surrounded by vines.

unbothered. moisturized. happy. in my lane. focused. flourishing.
(Earliest known appearance of photo: February 7, 2020. Earliest known appearance of this caption: March 2, 2020).

Jagged mountains surrounded by light fog are illuminated by sunlight.

Rock formations and the Dedo de Deus (God's Finger) peak in the background. Serra dos Órgãos National Park, Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil. Carlos Perez Couto (May 18, 2014).

Cartoon of a sad cloud with text that says: There is no cloud; it's just someone else's computer.

There is no cloud; it's just someone else's computer. Sticker by Chris Watterston (c. 2014).

Building made of adobe in the Pueblo architectural style, Acoma Pueblo, New Mexico.

Building at Acoma Pueblo, New Mexico, USA. Surfdogie (June 6, 2013).